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Another Friday the 13th.  Another excuse to mention our 13ep – which is available for free (via SoundCloud) from http://www.howmanydevils.com/13ep/

We recorded this at the end of last year 2012, without ever being in the same room as each other.  It was the 13th anniversary of us having split up and we decided that was a good excuse to do something again.  Something being recording one of the old songs – Dark Moon – that we never got around to the first time around.  We enjoyed it so much we reformed properly and started work on Flesh Reunion, with all new material.  We’re still working on Flesh Reunion, but it’s getting closer…


13 – Black Sabbath

I see posters all over town for an album called ’13’. It’s the new Black Sabbath album, not last years HowManyDevils EP. You could listen to our 13EP here while you wait for the Sabs though.
Then you can listen to Sabbath while you wait for our next release.  Last Saturday was Flesh Reunion 2.  The second writing session for HMD since reforming.  We came out of it with another two new songs: “World In Flames (Stockholm’s Burning)” and “Set Him Free”. Good and loud (and a touch of EVH).

(Three), (Two), (One), GO!!

Here it is, 13 years not in the making, Dark Moon.  Pete, Simon, Rob, and technology (Stumpy Boxhead) have finally recorded the 13th track for the album HowManyDevils.  That track is Dark Moon which is here in its’ Legacy version on the 13 EP, along with some remixes.

Fittingly for a Dark Rock band the release date is Friday, 13th of January 2012.

Free downloads from the HowManyDevils website at http://www.howmanydevils.com/13ep

Possible HowManyDevils 13 – Dark Moon covers

Here’s 5 images I’ve cobbled together as ‘cover’ for Dark Moon.  4 are just variants on the same 1 though.  Let me know which one you would use, or if you don’t want any to be used.  Thanks chaps.


I warmed up the Moog today because I wanted to use it on something else I’m working on at the moment so I thought I’d add a Moog part to Dark Moon.  There’s some nice bits in it, and a lot of absolute crap.  The Moog is a little troublesome to use because it’s completely analogue and has terrible tuning drift, and it could use a little TLC – most of the controls crackle and if the control is related to pitch? that’s the tuning gone again.  The most difficult bit though is trying to play not-glissando so the monophonic synth doesn’t lose the attacks of all the notes, that threw me as a not proper keyboard player so the takes I did have a fair bit of me just hitting the keyboard in frustration.  Please don’t put out a render with the Moog on it until I’ve done some tidying up!