Flesh Reunion released

Friday 13th of February, 2015. Flesh Reunion is released.

Flesh Reunion album coverI’ve been looking to the future (well, getting ready for tomorrow – we’re writing the next album).  And nearly missed the fact that Flesh Reunion is out now!  (I already have a copy you see).

It’s on iTunes (UK, US) and Amazon (UK, US).

You’ll get 13 raw and powerful rock and roll tracks with subjects ranging from death, to the number 13, to sleeplessness, to rioting, to wolves, to inanimate objects, even as far as love, and icepicks, and death again.



You should buy it.  It’s only £2.49 on iTunes!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Flesh Reunion album coverIt’s Wednesday the 11th today, which means that Tomorrow’s Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.  What do we do on Friday the 13th?  Well, if we’re HowManyDevils we tend to release an album.  Sadly we can’t manage one for every Friday the 13th, but we have got one coming this time.  That would be Flesh Reunion.  All new material this time (none of that 13ep here’s a song we didn’t record 13 years ago stuff), 13 tracks of the grumbly dark rock you should now expect from us.  It’ll be on iTunes (UK, US) and Amazon (UK, US), maybe other places…  And it’s cheap!

Meanwhile, we’re off on our next project.

(psst, free downloads on http://www.howmanydevils.com/fleshreunion – but if you buy it that would be great)


Flesh Reunion 17 – more guitars

Another Flesh Reunion done.  Guitars, Bass and percussion this week.  Things are sounding much tighter.  We have some extra layers to the sound.  For a while we contemplated going for 27 guitar parts in homage to the Blue Aeroplanes, but it is taking us long enough to record with 2.  Not sure when we’ll get around to a release, we have vocal overdubs/replacements and another round of drums booked in.  Maybe Pete’s digeridoo too…


Flesh Reunion 15 and 16

As Pete would say, Modern Living Is Killing Me (it’s a song he wrote and Sadistic Chicken recorded).  Weeks have gone by and I haven’t blogged what we’ve been up to – I just don’t get the time.

So, in that time:  We’ve had a good old listening session and criticised ourselves to pieces.  And we’ve had an overdubbing session for Halfway There.  I expect each song will have an overdubbing session of it’s own from now on, before we get to the mixing.  We also came up with a stripped down version of Through These Eyes, I don’t know if that will surface at some point…  Anyway, so long for now.  Here’s another picture of Stumpy Boxhead.

Stumpy Boxhead

Stumpy Boxhead

Flesh Reunion 6 – Icepick Lunatic, Dysfunction

It’s Sunday morning, I have no energy.  We put in 12 hours hard work chiseling away at the rock-face yesterday.  The effort payed off though, we have another two new songs: Dysfunction and Icepick Lunatic.  And we have Through These Eyes in a more fully formed shape.  So that’s 9 new HowManyDevils songs towards Flesh Reunion, pretty soon we’ll be thinking about recording them…

Those songs are:

World In Flames (Stockholm Burns)
Set Him Free
Halfway There
A Different Breed
Through These Eyes
The Lit Match
Icepick Lunatic

Flesh Reunion 5 – The Lit Match

Saturday was Flesh Reunion 5.  We’re truly back in the swing of things.  We can walk in to that room and come out with a song.  This week it was The Lit Match, the first song to change time signature – we’re getting more ambitious there.  I’m really pleased with how quickly we can get something done nowadays.  This is now 7 songs from 5 meetings.  There’ll be an album soon at this rate.

We did a bit of work on Through These Eyes (from Flesh Reunion 4) too, but this week was a short one – so that was all until September.

Flesh Reunion 4 – Through These Eyes, A Different Breed

Flesh Reunion 4: the fourth meeting of the re-incarnated HowManyDevils, two more songs, six songs in total, that’s half an album.  It’s going well.  This week HowManyDevils became a bit funkier with A Different breed and Through These Eyes.  Through These Eyes is the most bass driven piece of Flesh Reunion (so far), A Different Breed should be nicely danceable.

We also did the photoshoot for the Boxheads.  If I get my finger out… watch out for them!