Rolling rolling rolling, music keeps on rolling. 

It appears we’re on to the final two phases of the third album which has a name, but I’m not sure we’re close enough to share it just yet. That best wait until we have the cover art to share as well.

Now we are one wheel down from our tricycle for the next few weeks, our next task is to edit up and record the vocal tracks. Once we have that done its final mix and approval time before it released into the world.

The day before the meeting AFTER we thought it would end

Tomorrow is the post evaluation meeting after the stage one mixing. I think we are getting close to the end now. A few fixes and we should be done. Then it’s time to choose three singles and get the artwork sorted. Maybe a video. Nothing fancy. We don’t have the time it the equipment. Here’s my latest toy…


The day before the day it ends (we think)

So tomorrow should be our last day of mixing. Two tracks left and one day to do it in. (Must not forget blank cd to burn tracks on to). After this there will be a single released as a free down load in exchange for some super secret information (or email address) and maybe a video (if we can decide what to do) good times are a rollin’!


Mixing like a mixing machine! (A mixer)

Today we mixed five tracks. FIVE! This means that we now only have two left to mix (A Different Breed and Older). We seem to have gotten a technique down for processing the bass and vocals. All hail the Type-R compressor, lord of the compressoring type things. Once we have all the tracks mixed we’ll move on to listening to the mixes on different machines to make sure we have a good sound mix. Also, maybe we’ll have a single out soon. Maybe.


(Do you mean a mixing machine like this, Simon?)

Mixing Machine