Take note. Well, rather we should take note. 

Home work done! I’ve listened through the HowManyDevils back catalogue to see which, if any, of the tracks I’d like to revisit. I have a short list of ‘YES’ tracks and a much longer list of ‘MAYBE’  & ‘NO’ tracks. It was nice to revisit them with a critical ear. Brought back memories of reversing every other night in the old run down office block we had a room in. I wish I’d spent more time on the drums back then. Some of the tracks do sound like they need leaving in the past where as others feel they have unfinished business. There is still the case of getting a drummer type to join us. I think that might be better left till we have, as a band, got the set list decided and learned well enough to play through with hitch.

On a side note check out The Midnight. Amazing 80s sounds for your ears!

Flesh Reunion 13b – yeah, b

Last week got postponed, to this week.  We laid down some particularly shoddy drums (me), and some decent vocals (Simon).  Digital editing technology will be our friend.  Stumpy Boxhead himself joined us in the studio for a few of the tracks.  Pete videod lots of soft toys.  Jessie the dog lost her blanket (temporarily).  Rob defined exactly what was and what wasn’t Rock and Roll.  Simon drank lots of water.  Things are really taking shape now.  Next week we should (adding to the list of what is Rock and Roll) be recording some guitars again.

It’s all coming together.

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The legacy is complete

Rice Egg

Rice Egg

Simon has done a vocal track, so we have everything we need to mix the legacy version of Dark Moon – and probably a couple of other mixes too.  We have a couple of weeks in hand, so we’ll hopefully get even more layers in there – throw everything at it.  Simon said a few days ago that we used to take a simple song and throw a shed-load of effects at it and that was where the power of our sound came from, now we have the ability to stick more and more layers to it.  (Back in the day we had a four track cassette, now we have all sorts of digital stuff).  So, being just a mixdown short of achieving what we set out to achieve give us time to play around and see what other wonderful noise we can make.  I’ve already layed down a rice egg track.