The day before the meeting AFTER we thought it would end

Tomorrow is the post evaluation meeting after the stage one mixing. I think we are getting close to the end now. A few fixes and we should be done. Then it’s time to choose three singles and get the artwork sorted. Maybe a video. Nothing fancy. We don’t have the time it the equipment. Here’s my latest toy…


The legacy is complete

Rice Egg

Rice Egg

Simon has done a vocal track, so we have everything we need to mix the legacy version of Dark Moon – and probably a couple of other mixes too.  We have a couple of weeks in hand, so we’ll hopefully get even more layers in there – throw everything at it.  Simon said a few days ago that we used to take a simple song and throw a shed-load of effects at it and that was where the power of our sound came from, now we have the ability to stick more and more layers to it.  (Back in the day we had a four track cassette, now we have all sorts of digital stuff).  So, being just a mixdown short of achieving what we set out to achieve give us time to play around and see what other wonderful noise we can make.  I’ve already layed down a rice egg track.

Strum strum strum…

Well, I’ve made a start. Used the Line 6 for effects (still can’t get all of them on there though for some reason). Used an acoustic sound for a bit of good old strumming and a sharper more direct sound for a more picked (ish) type part. Both panned either side but seem to drown out the lead guitar a bit but that’s what mastering is for! I’ll have a go at the heavier bit’s this weekend and hopefully we’ll get something classic HMD at the end of it, but with extra shineyness. A bit like Tron Legacy compared to Tron, but without the CGI Jeff Bridges.

I must admit, i have only a very vague recognition of the track. Which is a good thing I suppose as it means rediscovering the old sounds again. I was impressed how well Robs and my guitar parts fit together. Sounds just like the good old days! I remember the fusty rehearsal room with carpet on the walls, amps everywhere and pedals spread all across the floor. I swear at one point we even had 2 x 15″ sub, 2 x 10″ mid and 2 treble horns in there plus 5 people. Oh, and watching the Spice Girl gig at Don Valley from the window. lol. Good times. Weird how things move on and we find ourselves in different places remembering time past. Times when everything was about playing music and having fun. Oh, and trying to find a drummer that wasn’t either a weirdo or deaf. We even had a female drummer for a practice or two. I’m sure I saw her in Sheffield the other week but I can’t remember her name. Only that she had a pet lizard that kept escaping (that’s not a euphemism)…

Lead Guitar take 2 – barely better

I just did take two of my lead part.  It’s almost as if I can’t play guitar, have I cursed this project by calling it 13?  I used the red Fender (Intro: B,10,10; rest: BM,10,10,10) in to the Marshall v80 (Rufus: crunch,4,7,5,4 – OD2,20,8,4,6,5,6) with the Virtualizer Pro in the loop for chorus (Ultra-Chorus: 7,30,45,20,20,1), back to both v80s and miked up (tBone – TB202).  I fluffed quite a few times, especially on the downward part at the end of the last chorus (which isn’t editable).  The single coils coupled with the chorus sounded quite thin as well, so I’m about to redo the main section with the Dean (humbuckers) straight in to the amp.