Lead Guitar take 2 – barely better

I just did take two of my lead part.  It’s almost as if I can’t play guitar, have I cursed this project by calling it 13?  I used the red Fender (Intro: B,10,10; rest: BM,10,10,10) in to the Marshall v80 (Rufus: crunch,4,7,5,4 – OD2,20,8,4,6,5,6) with the Virtualizer Pro in the loop for chorus (Ultra-Chorus: 7,30,45,20,20,1), back to both v80s and miked up (tBone – TB202).  I fluffed quite a few times, especially on the downward part at the end of the last chorus (which isn’t editable).  The single coils coupled with the chorus sounded quite thin as well, so I’m about to redo the main section with the Dean (humbuckers) straight in to the amp.


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