Friday the 13th again

ThirteenFor the last few years.  Since we reformed after our 13 year gap to record the 13EP (SoundCloud), with Dark Moon – the missing 13th track from the first album.  We’ve tried to release the new stuff we’ve done on Friday the 13th.  I missed the target this year (hands up, it was me).  I could probably have done it, but wasn’t paying attention.  Space Cowboys Under The Sea Of Japan will be out in December.  You can stream it now from SoundCloud though.

Flesh Reunion, the last album, is in the stores.  Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.

We’ve already mentioned the 13EP, before that was the long ‘hiatus’ as musicians call it, and before that was HowManyDevils1 (on SoundCloud).

Of course, after we release the 13EP on Friday the 13th, we were blatantly copied by Black Sabbath with their album called 13.  I do suspect they stole all our marketing effort which is why their album charted and ours didn’t.  (Surely three men in their 40’s in Yorkshire would be more popular than 4 men in their 60’s from the Midlands).  We took revenge though, by making Halfway There sound a little like them…

Flesh Reunion on Soundcloud

Flesh Reunion is available on Soundcloud now, so you can (and should) stream it for free. It’s on iTunes (UK, US) and Amazon (UK, US) still, if you want to spend money on it.  And Spotify for the middle ground between those.

We’re really busy working on new stuff (and intending to have less of a wait before releasing this time), so do keep watching this space.

For now, here’s the hold music:


Flesh Reunion released

Friday 13th of February, 2015. Flesh Reunion is released.

Flesh Reunion album coverI’ve been looking to the future (well, getting ready for tomorrow – we’re writing the next album).  And nearly missed the fact that Flesh Reunion is out now!  (I already have a copy you see).

It’s on iTunes (UK, US) and Amazon (UK, US).

You’ll get 13 raw and powerful rock and roll tracks with subjects ranging from death, to the number 13, to sleeplessness, to rioting, to wolves, to inanimate objects, even as far as love, and icepicks, and death again.



You should buy it.  It’s only £2.49 on iTunes!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Flesh Reunion album coverIt’s Wednesday the 11th today, which means that Tomorrow’s Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.  What do we do on Friday the 13th?  Well, if we’re HowManyDevils we tend to release an album.  Sadly we can’t manage one for every Friday the 13th, but we have got one coming this time.  That would be Flesh Reunion.  All new material this time (none of that 13ep here’s a song we didn’t record 13 years ago stuff), 13 tracks of the grumbly dark rock you should now expect from us.  It’ll be on iTunes (UK, US) and Amazon (UK, US), maybe other places…  And it’s cheap!

Meanwhile, we’re off on our next project.

(psst, free downloads on – but if you buy it that would be great)


Vlogging in the free world

(Slight Neil Young reference there, he’s come up a couple of time recently)

It’s a new year, we’re making a new start – coincidentally.  Flesh Reunion is done now, should be in the shops (Amazon MP3 and iTunes at least) from Friday 13th of February.  As Simon said, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  So if you need to buy something for that special person you are trying to make a good impression on you now know what that should be.

We’re getting on with other things now.  Hopefully blogging with greater regularity, and even Vlogging our ugly mugs every so often (though our YouTube channel

Apologies in advance, here’s what we had to say:

Flesh Reunion release

I’ve just lined Flesh Reunion up for release.  The release date is 13/2/2015.  The UPC code (just so you don’t accidentally buy someone else’s Flesh Reunion) is 5054316451280.  And this is the track listing:

  1. Insomniac
  2. Halfway There
  3. Icepick Lunatic
  4. World In Flames
  5. Dysfunction
  6. Through These Eyes
  7. Carolyn
  8. A Different Breed
  9. The Lit Match
  10. Thirteen
  11. Set Him Free
  12. Older
  13. Flesh Reunion

Flesh Reunion album cover
It’ll be available in iTunes, on Amazon, on Spotify, and some other places.  And we might do some previews too.

Art for Arts sake

I’m not sure it can really be called art, but it is called artwork so I guess it’s close enough.  I’m spending my time making pictures to stick on the various bundles of songs we release when we get to the end of the Flesh Reunion project.  I do have a source files gallery that looks a bit Andy Warhol, in so much as it is the same basic picture rendered in several different colour schemes.

So far I have what will probably be the Flesh Reunion overall album cover – which is a “colour-wayed” collection of in-the-studio photos; an as yet unassigned cover based around Stumpy Boxhead (our drummer); some convenient graffiti for Insomniac; and my own face for Older.  I must get some artwork done with the other guys faces too.

Then comes a website…


The day before the meeting AFTER we thought it would end

Tomorrow is the post evaluation meeting after the stage one mixing. I think we are getting close to the end now. A few fixes and we should be done. Then it’s time to choose three singles and get the artwork sorted. Maybe a video. Nothing fancy. We don’t have the time it the equipment. Here’s my latest toy…


The day before the day it ends (we think)

So tomorrow should be our last day of mixing. Two tracks left and one day to do it in. (Must not forget blank cd to burn tracks on to). After this there will be a single released as a free down load in exchange for some super secret information (or email address) and maybe a video (if we can decide what to do) good times are a rollin’!


Mixing like a mixing machine! (A mixer)

Today we mixed five tracks. FIVE! This means that we now only have two left to mix (A Different Breed and Older). We seem to have gotten a technique down for processing the bass and vocals. All hail the Type-R compressor, lord of the compressoring type things. Once we have all the tracks mixed we’ll move on to listening to the mixes on different machines to make sure we have a good sound mix. Also, maybe we’ll have a single out soon. Maybe.


(Do you mean a mixing machine like this, Simon?)

Mixing Machine