Flesh Reunion released

Friday 13th of February, 2015. Flesh Reunion is released.

Flesh Reunion album coverI’ve been looking to the future (well, getting ready for tomorrow – we’re writing the next album).  And nearly missed the fact that Flesh Reunion is out now!  (I already have a copy you see).

It’s on iTunes (UK, US) and Amazon (UK, US).

You’ll get 13 raw and powerful rock and roll tracks with subjects ranging from death, to the number 13, to sleeplessness, to rioting, to wolves, to inanimate objects, even as far as love, and icepicks, and death again.



You should buy it.  It’s only £2.49 on iTunes!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Flesh Reunion album coverIt’s Wednesday the 11th today, which means that Tomorrow’s Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.  What do we do on Friday the 13th?  Well, if we’re HowManyDevils we tend to release an album.  Sadly we can’t manage one for every Friday the 13th, but we have got one coming this time.  That would be Flesh Reunion.  All new material this time (none of that 13ep here’s a song we didn’t record 13 years ago stuff), 13 tracks of the grumbly dark rock you should now expect from us.  It’ll be on iTunes (UK, US) and Amazon (UK, US), maybe other places…  And it’s cheap!

Meanwhile, we’re off on our next project.

(psst, free downloads on http://www.howmanydevils.com/fleshreunion – but if you buy it that would be great)


Flesh Reunion 17 – more guitars

Another Flesh Reunion done.  Guitars, Bass and percussion this week.  Things are sounding much tighter.  We have some extra layers to the sound.  For a while we contemplated going for 27 guitar parts in homage to the Blue Aeroplanes, but it is taking us long enough to record with 2.  Not sure when we’ll get around to a release, we have vocal overdubs/replacements and another round of drums booked in.  Maybe Pete’s digeridoo too…


Flesh Reunion 9 – Thirteen, Flesh Reunion

I am listening to Thirteen.  It’s the thirteenth and last song to be written for Flesh Reunion.  And a seemingly recurring theme with HowManyDevils, having already done the 13EP.  It’s a bit more post-punk and a little less rock than we usually do.  We also re-wrote Flesh Reunion the song today.  We want it to be right, and now it is.

We have thirteen songs now, and we’re ready to go in to the studio.  So next week we go in to the studio.  The studio is of course the same room as we’re writing in, but we’ll be recording on something better than mobile phones.

These are the songs for Flesh Reunion:
World In Flames
Set Him Free
Halfway There
A Different Breed
Through These Eyes
The Lit Match
Icepick Lunatic
Flesh Reunion

We have been a little thin on the ground with content, other than my summing up of things, during this writing phase.  To make up for this, here’s a picture of today’s lunch and some guitars.  20131027_124128We are pretty rock n roll as you can see by the All Day Breakfast in a can.  …and the dark Bounty.  \m/



Flesh Reunion 8 – Carolyn, Flesh Reunion

Flesh Reunion 8 has been and gone.  We stuck to the pattern and got two new songs out of it.  This week it was Carolyn, another mellower song compared to the majority (and don’t ask me who Carolyn is), and Flesh Reunion.  I thought we needed a song called Flesh Reunion, and had a riff in my head, then the song rewrote itself when the whole band got hold of it.  The old riff is still in there, and there a new riff that is a little bit faster than my fingers move.  That seems to have been a thing this year, riffs slightly faster than my finger move…

So we now have 12 songs, a good number for an album.  We have said though that we’ll do one more writing session next week, so with the established pattern we could have 13.

Flesh Reunion 7 – Older

I already can’t keep up with Flesh Reunions.  Last Saturday was Flesh Reunion 7, and we have 8 and 9 arranged for the next two weekends.  Plenty to do then…
Following the pattern of one new song from an odd-numbered FR and two from an even one we got one new song.  It’s called older, and Rob (me) slipped up by writing full lyrics before showing it to the band.  He ended up singing it.  Older is a deliberate change of pace from the other FR songs, being slower and more reflective.
This is the magic 10th song, so we’re intending to switch from writing to recording.  This month we’ll carry on writing or tweaking – so we might get 13 songs if we follow the pattern – next month we’ll start laying down tracks.