Flesh Reunion 9 – Thirteen, Flesh Reunion

I am listening to Thirteen.  It’s the thirteenth and last song to be written for Flesh Reunion.  And a seemingly recurring theme with HowManyDevils, having already done the 13EP.  It’s a bit more post-punk and a little less rock than we usually do.  We also re-wrote Flesh Reunion the song today.  We want it to be right, and now it is.

We have thirteen songs now, and we’re ready to go in to the studio.  So next week we go in to the studio.  The studio is of course the same room as we’re writing in, but we’ll be recording on something better than mobile phones.

These are the songs for Flesh Reunion:
World In Flames
Set Him Free
Halfway There
A Different Breed
Through These Eyes
The Lit Match
Icepick Lunatic
Flesh Reunion

We have been a little thin on the ground with content, other than my summing up of things, during this writing phase.  To make up for this, here’s a picture of today’s lunch and some guitars.  20131027_124128We are pretty rock n roll as you can see by the All Day Breakfast in a can.  …and the dark Bounty.  \m/



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