Dark Moon in progress #6

Simon has added vocals now, so we have all the source material for the legacy version, and at least one other mix.  I think He & I are both likely to add a bit more before we’re done.

Dark Moon in progress #5

Pete got back in to the country and sent over some bass lines. The track is sounding pretty good now.

(SoundCloud seems to have added some crackles to the recording, this might be a problem with uploading as ADPCM Wav files)

Dark Moon in progress #2

I’ve called this in progress #2 even though it’s the first version of Dark Moon that has been put on the blog.  The synth sounds playing both guitar parts and bass are from a MIDI file I made very soon after we’d written the song but the drums have had more fills and so on put in than the old file had.  I’ll hopefully put that version up as #1 once I find it again.