Flesh Reunion 8 – Carolyn, Flesh Reunion

Flesh Reunion 8 has been and gone.  We stuck to the pattern and got two new songs out of it.  This week it was Carolyn, another mellower song compared to the majority (and don’t ask me who Carolyn is), and Flesh Reunion.  I thought we needed a song called Flesh Reunion, and had a riff in my head, then the song rewrote itself when the whole band got hold of it.  The old riff is still in there, and there a new riff that is a little bit faster than my fingers move.  That seems to have been a thing this year, riffs slightly faster than my finger move…

So we now have 12 songs, a good number for an album.  We have said though that we’ll do one more writing session next week, so with the established pattern we could have 13.


One thought on “Flesh Reunion 8 – Carolyn, Flesh Reunion

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