Possible HowManyDevils 13 – Dark Moon covers

Here’s 5 images I’ve cobbled together as ‘cover’ for Dark Moon.  4 are just variants on the same 1 though.  Let me know which one you would use, or if you don’t want any to be used.  Thanks chaps.


3 thoughts on “Possible HowManyDevils 13 – Dark Moon covers

  1. I like them all to be honest! My faves are the one with the colour, and the diamond non negative one. But I’m happy for any of them to be used. Cheers Rob!


  2. (Pete commented on the image rather than the post) I like this one (#2, the colour one) the most as it has a kind of Ozric Tentacles type of cover. I do like the other images as well but I prefer the colour one for a front cover. Pete


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