I warmed up the Moog today because I wanted to use it on something else I’m working on at the moment so I thought I’d add a Moog part to Dark Moon.  There’s some nice bits in it, and a lot of absolute crap.  The Moog is a little troublesome to use because it’s completely analogue and has terrible tuning drift, and it could use a little TLC – most of the controls crackle and if the control is related to pitch? that’s the tuning gone again.  The most difficult bit though is trying to play not-glissando so the monophonic synth doesn’t lose the attacks of all the notes, that threw me as a not proper keyboard player so the takes I did have a fair bit of me just hitting the keyboard in frustration.  Please don’t put out a render with the Moog on it until I’ve done some tidying up!


One thought on “Moog

  1. Awe, bless it’s little cotton socks. I remember the reems of dot matrix paper I had with the various setting for that thing. I bet there is a free program around somewhere that gives you the same sounds with none of the hassle. I spent an afternoon and a mates working on some other stuff. We ended up messing about with samples and then laying down an 8-bit sounding back ground track with me playing some guitar over it. It wasn’t recorded though. Failed the obvious first rule, always record.


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