13 – Black Sabbath

I see posters all over town for an album called ’13’. It’s the new Black Sabbath album, not last years HowManyDevils EP. You could listen to our 13EP here while you wait for the Sabs though.
Then you can listen to Sabbath while you wait for our next release.  Last Saturday was Flesh Reunion 2.  The second writing session for HMD since reforming.  We came out of it with another two new songs: “World In Flames (Stockholm’s Burning)” and “Set Him Free”. Good and loud (and a touch of EVH).

Flesh Reunion 2 – Set Him Free, Stockholms Burning (World In Flames)

We got together again, and wrote more songs.  Flesh Reunion 1 gave us one new song: Insomniac, Flesh Reunion 2 has given us two new songs: World In Flames (Stockholm’s Burning) and Set Him Free.  Flesh Reunion 3 is booked in already.  Three songs, do you reckon?  We’ll probably have an albums worth by the end of August.