Flesh Reunion 8 – Carolyn, Flesh Reunion

Flesh Reunion 8 has been and gone.  We stuck to the pattern and got two new songs out of it.  This week it was Carolyn, another mellower song compared to the majority (and don’t ask me who Carolyn is), and Flesh Reunion.  I thought we needed a song called Flesh Reunion, and had a riff in my head, then the song rewrote itself when the whole band got hold of it.  The old riff is still in there, and there a new riff that is a little bit faster than my fingers move.  That seems to have been a thing this year, riffs slightly faster than my finger move…

So we now have 12 songs, a good number for an album.  We have said though that we’ll do one more writing session next week, so with the established pattern we could have 13.


Flesh Reunion 7 – Older

I already can’t keep up with Flesh Reunions.  Last Saturday was Flesh Reunion 7, and we have 8 and 9 arranged for the next two weekends.  Plenty to do then…
Following the pattern of one new song from an odd-numbered FR and two from an even one we got one new song.  It’s called older, and Rob (me) slipped up by writing full lyrics before showing it to the band.  He ended up singing it.  Older is a deliberate change of pace from the other FR songs, being slower and more reflective.
This is the magic 10th song, so we’re intending to switch from writing to recording.  This month we’ll carry on writing or tweaking – so we might get 13 songs if we follow the pattern – next month we’ll start laying down tracks.

Flesh Reunion 6 – Icepick Lunatic, Dysfunction

It’s Sunday morning, I have no energy.  We put in 12 hours hard work chiseling away at the rock-face yesterday.  The effort payed off though, we have another two new songs: Dysfunction and Icepick Lunatic.  And we have Through These Eyes in a more fully formed shape.  So that’s 9 new HowManyDevils songs towards Flesh Reunion, pretty soon we’ll be thinking about recording them…

Those songs are:

World In Flames (Stockholm Burns)
Set Him Free
Halfway There
A Different Breed
Through These Eyes
The Lit Match
Icepick Lunatic

Flesh Reunion 5 – The Lit Match

Saturday was Flesh Reunion 5.  We’re truly back in the swing of things.  We can walk in to that room and come out with a song.  This week it was The Lit Match, the first song to change time signature – we’re getting more ambitious there.  I’m really pleased with how quickly we can get something done nowadays.  This is now 7 songs from 5 meetings.  There’ll be an album soon at this rate.

We did a bit of work on Through These Eyes (from Flesh Reunion 4) too, but this week was a short one – so that was all until September.

Music in all its shapes and sizes

A few sessions into the latest band project and everything is going good! We’ve had about one and a half new tracks each session and they are all sounding quite different. Lovely riffs and melodies with spot on bass lines holding things together when needed. Singing wise I’m feeling good! Looking forward to getting amped up so I can relax a bit more and try some different styles. Very much enjoying the whole experience.

Flesh Reunion 4 – Through These Eyes, A Different Breed

Flesh Reunion 4: the fourth meeting of the re-incarnated HowManyDevils, two more songs, six songs in total, that’s half an album.  It’s going well.  This week HowManyDevils became a bit funkier with A Different breed and Through These Eyes.  Through These Eyes is the most bass driven piece of Flesh Reunion (so far), A Different Breed should be nicely danceable.

We also did the photoshoot for the Boxheads.  If I get my finger out… watch out for them!