Fishy fishy lets get busy!

Well, here we are. A few tracks down and only a couple more needed before we mix and cut our way to the next album offering. Up to now things are feeling quite diverse. A little funk, a little American rock, a little cowboy music and some odd time signatures. All fit/been made to fit into a fishy/ocean theme. Stay tuned for more news, sometimes.


The bass(ics) of bass. 

Today was a good day for bass playing. We started a track with all three of us playing bass. Not as crazy as it sounds. It’s turned out rather well! Lots of experimenting, lots of scratch pad stuff to play around with and at the end of the day we had Electric Eels. Not sure where the title came from. The lyrics aren’t particularly weird. Pretty impressive work today all around.

Here’s a chip butty in kit form.