Flesh Reunion 13b – yeah, b

Last week got postponed, to this week.  We laid down some particularly shoddy drums (me), and some decent vocals (Simon).  Digital editing technology will be our friend.  Stumpy Boxhead himself joined us in the studio for a few of the tracks.  Pete videod lots of soft toys.  Jessie the dog lost her blanket (temporarily).  Rob defined exactly what was and what wasn’t Rock and Roll.  Simon drank lots of water.  Things are really taking shape now.  Next week we should (adding to the list of what is Rock and Roll) be recording some guitars again.

It’s all coming together.

Photo on 2013-12-08 at 15.56


Flesh Reunion 4 – Through These Eyes, A Different Breed

Flesh Reunion 4: the fourth meeting of the re-incarnated HowManyDevils, two more songs, six songs in total, that’s half an album.  It’s going well.  This week HowManyDevils became a bit funkier with A Different breed and Through These Eyes.  Through These Eyes is the most bass driven piece of Flesh Reunion (so far), A Different Breed should be nicely danceable.

We also did the photoshoot for the Boxheads.  If I get my finger out… watch out for them!