We’re still here! 

So it’s been a little while since we’ve done anything meaningful music wise. Sporadic practices and a bit of song tweaking is about it,  all in preparation for the studio time we have booked. Wanting to not waste time with overdubs, we are wanting to get almost all the basics down on day one. I have a feeling we will want to do some layering of guitars on at least a couple of tracks.

Rob and I have been to a couple of gigs recently. Steel City Rocks which was a bit of a festival thing with a few bands on. All pretty good! I particularly enjoyed Hands Off Gretel. Solid line up and a huge talent art and sound wise. Spiffing!

We then saw L7. What a band! 50+ and still able to rock a whole room! Amazing set full of energy. Truly talented women. Would love to see them again.


A day of music and chatting

We had a practice day, and it was good. (I also drank tea in Rob’s garden)

We played through the 5 tracks. Altered some drums and rejigged the start of Half-Life. We have everything in place now. Just the matter of practice, practice, practice till we take on the recording sometime in September (hopefully). Loving my guitar sound today. Used the Epiphone Dot with the Boss Digital Metalizer. For added sustain I used a vintage overdrive to keep the levels up. Interesting feed back and noises.

Listen, listen and listen again. 

In this mini break I’ve been trying to commit what we’ve done so far to memory. Try and listen to the material till I can can think outside the box a little to give some parts an added dimension. So far I’ve fallen asleep before making through them all. I’m hoping to get to a point where I’m satisfied that my parts are adding to the  whole rather than being a ‘that’ll do’ addition. Got some new pedals on the way which I’m looking forward to trying. When I have everything set up again I might ever get some ideas worked out! Crickey! 

Time, a like thyme but different 

We’re having a bit of a break at the moment. A bit of relocating is meaning we have to miss a weekend or two that we’d pencilled in. At least it gives us chance to listen back to what we have so far. I’m quite happy with what we’ve achieved for album four so far. I’m getting the yearning for doing some reworks of old stuff at the moment so if we have a lapse in inspiration we’ve got fall back ideas/work. 

Also, t-shirts and merch. We have some pretty good merch for sale on some popular printing sites at the moment. I’m hoping I’ll/we’ll get some other designs done at some point that we can try and push. Maybe even a Christmas design! 


Well, that escalated quickly

Sunday is fun day! Today we worked again on How to Breathe and So Far From Me. They went well. We changed up some chords used and hammered down a couple of sections after changing section lengths.

Then we wrote another track called Half-Life. It’s bit of an odd ball. Mentions Little Boy, Fat Man and a B-29. Has a cleanish main section and a more distorted and driven end section. Another tick in the tracks done list. We really sound have a go at playing some of the older tracks soon.