Pre Recording Break

You know, because we’re so high profile I felt that I needed a break before the band gets together for recording.

 While away I found some weird pictures in a loft. Ate quite a lot of cheese. Drove down the wrong side of the road and didn’t even have an accident! I also had a chance to play with a Melody guitar that my GFs dad had dug out. The action was pretty high (I think it needs the truss rod adjusting) but it seemed to be well put together. I think it was an M-800 (or 650). Melody were apparently part of EKO at some point,  but then they split and continued to produce guitars until the late 80s. It had built in electric piezo pickup under the bridge. Two controls (volume and tone I assume). Would have liked to hear it plugged in. Maybe another day. 

Continuing the fish theme I also found this. 

Tomorrow is our last practice before the recording session. A last chance to get everything sorted. Going to try out the new microphone I bought the other week as well. Yippee! 


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