Christmas time, unfinished songs and rhymes…

Howdy from the world of HMD. In the past couple of meet ups we’ve gone from a 6 minute synth track to a list of 20 tracks to rework/record/commit to the past. We seem to be at a junction, a rather exciting junction. There is an air of looking to the future. Of organising things. Making little plans for little songs AND a mention of us sorting out a set for gigging! Such bold gestures on the run up to a new year. Splendid!

From this new revealing of energy and direction came a topic that, at the time, I didn’t pay much attention to, but in the cold light of, erm, Monday it got me thinking. Image. What is our image based on? Do we have an image? Are we different in our style? Do we have a common thread that we can garnish to different tastes?

Who are we? Who am I? Who AM I?! That’s a big question. Who am I and how can I put that down in a small demo pack. Who are we? Are we a mixture of randomness like beans, jam and crisps? Or are we a heavenly combination more like chips, a bread cake and a small sausage? There’s a lot of work involved with this promo stuff and thats before we’ve even sent anything out. We need some photos. We need different photos for the different flavours of HMD. We need locations. Ideas. Location ideas. Exciting and daunting. I’m looking forward to us getting out doors and doing something random again. Roll on 2016, the year of HowManyDevils. 

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