SpaceCowboysUnderTheSeaOfJapan_Booklet_300_FrontWe’re onto the last track. Clementine. One of my favourite tracks on this album. A story of revenge, and cowboy type stuff again. With a laser. One of those tracks that we could keep adding and adding to to make it an epic multi part master piece, but is best left as is. A simple tune and story telling lyrics.

I recorded my little guitar part for the end separately at home. The rest of the song was all done at Pete’s. I think the vocals fit pretty well in this tune and it has a definite style about it. If we were getting a mini set together this would be one of the tracks I’d pick. This and I Heard You Calling.

Maybe cowboy grunge rock funk is our new style? Maybe it’s going to be the next big thing? Maybe we’re ahead of our time?! Maybe the next album will be totally different? Who knows?


4 thoughts on “Clementine

  1. I do love how this track opens with its near-anachronistic “I’ve got a laser in my pocket and a hole in my shoe”, which is what put the Space part of Space Cowboys in my mind. But it’s also delivered so well, there’s a vibrato in the vocal that I bet we can never recreate. Some good images drawn up by the lyrics as well, a western story with just a bit of sci-fi thrown in to the mix. Yep, I like this one. (Must watch Cowboys and Aliens again)…

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