Disgruntled (we’re bringing that back BTW)

SpaceCowboysUnderTheSeaOfJapan_Booklet_300_FrontCorrupted Tranquility. That’s the next track. It’s another song of two halves. First half is funky-tron. Second half is still funky actually, but also a bit more rocky perhaps? Personally I found this one the hardest to sing. We tried so many different singing styles (15 I think) and Rob chose the best for the final mix. I think it has come out well. The original idea came about from a little funk riff I played to Pete and Rob and it grew from there. The chorus sounds mellow and sublime. Again, bass matches the song 100%. The vocals for the 2nd half were improvised from reading unused words from ‘the pile’. I love the effects on the vocal at the end slowly building distortion. The ‘bit crunch’ on the drums brings everything to a head. Lovely build up. Everything works AND we use disgruntled, twice.


3 thoughts on “Disgruntled (we’re bringing that back BTW)

  1. We had a little list of objectives for this album, do something funky was one of them. It’s not the kind of funky I was thinking of so we’ll probably do some more next time. I’m not really sure where the second part came from, but we deliberately chose to make it a song of two parts. With the second part I was steering things towards a kind of early Human League/Heaven 17 sound – but not letting on at the time.


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