Deep Within The Sea It Sleeps

SpaceCowboysUnderTheSeaOfJapan_Booklet_300_Front…is the title of the next track. A little story of an unknown force waiting in the depths of the ocean to unleash its power upon the world.

This is probably the most rock type track we have written. Very powerful. Very strong melody hooks. Brilliantly written and played solo section. Solid bass lines that lead and enhance the songs flow. I tried to write some lyrics to match the powerful style of the song and I think I managed.

I can’t remember what gear I used on this. Probably the Gallan Strat style guitar. Certainly the analogue phase and over drive. I think the vocals we used were the second maybe third take? I know the style changed slightly from the original recording. Whilst I was recording the vocals on the final mixes of these tracks I was trying to be mindful of my breathing. Listening back I think it helped project the words clearly and added to the power of the sound of them in general.

The drums slide along nicely and the marching type pattern for the verses contrasts the slowed rhythm of the chorus.

Job done.


2 thoughts on “Deep Within The Sea It Sleeps

  1. I was initially thinking this song would come out sounding kind of hardcore (had recently watched the Foo Fighters Sonic Highway with Minor Threat on it), but we both took it our own way – and I have no real idea of where genres start and finish anyway. The drums started off with a simple pattern to keep time to, which ended up a bit Marchey (ONE, two, three, four), but I’d been listening to an interview with Liam Howlett of The Prodigy about recording The Day Is My Enemy and getting a Swiss Military band to send him samples of marches they played. So I wanted to do a more proper march. Pete came to the rescue with a library of march music that we pulled a beat from and programmed.


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