See! Horse! Seahorse!! 

SpaceCowboysUnderTheSeaOfJapan_Booklet_300_FrontSeahorse With No Name. Good song title. Inspired suggestion from Rob. Well played sir. This track has a cowboy feel to it. It’s weird we have this vibe on the album. Given how the music sounds it seemed obvious that the song needed a cowboy story to go along with it. I put three ideas of a story to Rob and Pete and this was the winner. The story of a guy who was courting the sheriffs daughter. She was a private dancer (a dancer for money), her dad didn’t approve. You get the idea. (And you’ll be listening to the song when you buy the album). It obviously has to mention the sea in it at some point so it starts on a boat.

My lead guitar was take number one, then edited about to match a structure (there wasn’t an error where I went to a chorus to early to remove as well, honest!) and I think the vocals were the first take after some practice runs. This song isn’t really in my singing comfort zone at all and because the vocal overlaps the end of chorus to verse change, it was a challenge to know which direction to go. I think it works and I’m proud of the result. Pete mentioned that he thought it was the best vocal recording I’d ever done. Cheers dude! Yippee!

Rob was the creative force on this one and, although I wasn’t 100% convinced at the time, suggested the ‘oms’ as backing vocals. He spent some/loads of time mixing and effecting them and POW! They fit and enhance the track perfectly. Good call Rob!

Id like a video for this track. I picture an urban cowboy being followed through various locations by a camera. Taking in the sites of modern life. Living his life eternally trying to find a replacement for his lost love, September. I may even buy a cowboy hat and get ‘her indoors’ to film me walking around for a bit. See what comes of it.


2 thoughts on “See! Horse! Seahorse!! 

  1. The music had a bit of a cowboy feel to it, and we had already got the undersea/fishy theme going, so the seahorse pun set itself up nicely. And it was better than the “I rode in to town on a horse I called Dave” lyrics I’d started the song with. The om’s backing vocal was me trying to go further down the cowboy idea and sound a bit like Ghost Riders In The Sky.


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