Those bones, those bones, those snow bones. 

SpaceCowboysUnderTheSeaOfJapan_Booklet_300_FrontThis is a favourite of mine. It has an eerie feeling to the guitar which gives it a nice distinction. The bass again ties the empty sound of the guitar to the drums, which up until the last minute where one pattern. Rob made a great job of using different kits/machine sounds to build the track in the choruses and the ending. I recorded the extra guitar parts at home home and Rob added them to the final mix. The lyrics for me were pretty easy to come up with. I love the chorus lines. I’m not sure where the idea of snow bones came from but the image I had in my head was of some one dreaming of a pale skinned lover who only comes around at night. (Do your snow bones). The subject of the song wants more from the relationship but is afraid to show that in case the lover never returns. (Because I’m afraid of death, I bend) Another song of self doubt and wants.

We seem to have a couple of these ‘feelings’ type of tracks on each album. (Older and Carolyn from the last album. Actually, The Noise is a feelings driven track for me as well. I tried to get emotion through in the way I sung that song. I like breathy type songs).


2 thoughts on “Those bones, those bones, those snow bones. 

  1. Snow Bones might be my favourite too. I really like the intimacy that the recording has managed to get. I also like the way Pete’s bassline became a response to the call of my guitar. I think everything is first or second take too, which is always good.
    Snow Bones was a term I discovered in the paper a few weeks earlier ( ) and put on the ‘interesting things that might inspire a song list’. For the drums we have Simon to thank too. I wanted to keep them simple, one-pattern all the way through. Simon persuaded me to change them and I thought ‘how about building the tone rather than the pattern’.


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