What’s that noise?

SpaceCowboysUnderTheSeaOfJapan_Booklet_300_FrontThe third track we’re looking at is called The Noise. Pete has said reminds him of a Cure track. It does have a bit of the lullaby about it at first listen, but it’s much more than that. There are layers. Synth bits, an ending/second half that is far more twisted (does that sound right? Is it twisted? It’s not the same as the first part that’s for sure) than the first. The drums all work really on this track. It’s spiky but supple at the same time. I feel it lends itself to electronic drums well and the end result sounds clean and considered.

This song started as an idea demo’d by Rob. I believe there was one verse and the basic chord sequence. The ending is a result of jamming out for a few minutes (maybe more than a few minutes) and then chopping it back down in the edit. Although I think we kept everything in the end and moved the order of some parts around a bit. The vocals for part one were worked out and written down, and for the jam bit at the end I just improvised some words I had from the ideas folder. We added a lo-fi type of effect to them to give it a distinction from the first part. The lead guitar pops and darts around and takes the the song to its end without it ever sounding repetitive or laboured. Bass, as usual, is right were it should be giving the song a strong back bone.

Again, it’s quite a long song. Maybe this is a product of the ‘record what we come up with and worry about setting it in order later’ method of writing. I think it did open up a new way of playing, a freedom, and I think the the songs all reflect this.


2 thoughts on “What’s that noise?

  1. Not really verse chorus here, just the same line repeated until the end but with several different twists on how it is actually played. I was a little surprised when Pete said it sounded like The Cure because I wrote it while I was watching the Joy Division documentary. It is a bit of a walky bassline though, no Peter Hook-ness to it. I think it has my sole lyrical contribution to this album, I’m not sure what I was writing about. The Noise really refers to the dodgy guitar wiring buzzes that I used as percussion on the demo (the demo just built up in to the final song here, and I’m considering industrial music because of that bit of percussion!). I don’t know who Rachael is. My next door neighbour is called Rachael and they had only recently moved in so it may be that I’d just heard the name recently. Or it could have been something on telly.
    The second part of the song was all jammed out straight to Logic again like Simon says. My part is again untouched, Simon and Pete’s parts got chopped and shuffled so that we were all building and dropping in similar places. I do think the synth, which was Simon operating Logic through my hands, really drives that section.


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