The voyage continues…

SpaceCowboysUnderTheSeaOfJapan_Booklet_300_FrontNext on the list of tracks to talk about, The Oyster. A bit of an odd ball this one. A bit rocky. A little funky. Some unusual vocal frills. Lovely bass riffing that pushes the track along with a guitar track that can do no wrong. I can’t imagine any part of this different to how it is. Everything fits nice and snug, just like it should and at a shade over five minutes it’s a good length. Not quite sure where the idea came from originally, I think it started from a jam? Maybe the other parts of HMD can help out with that. The over all concept, from a lyric perspective, is of a life lived, but not loved.(Feeling indebted to the queen/her/she above). A life of normality and function, but not of adventure or fulfilment. (I found the oyster, but not the pearl) An existence of conforming to what you feel is expected, but not showing who you really are. (I am faking a little longer. I fake myself to pass through unaware).

Why do a lot of my lyrics turn out to be downers? (Challenge for next album, 100% bunnies and sugar?)

I think the drums work quite well in this track. Although it has a bit of funk about it, the electronic drums don’t detract from the feel and everything comes across as being fluid. I’d have to agree with something both Rob and Pete have picked up on in the past week, that this album as a whole feels like musical progression of the last. It’s the third album from HMD and in listening to this and the first back to back I can see the development. Flesh Reunion glued both together perfectly. Also, as a side note, I managed to get all the electric guitars I own on a least one track on the album. RESULT! (Now that should be a challange! Each of us has to get each instrument on at least one track in the future. Might be easier from some than others. Just remembered the drum kit. Damn!)


2 thoughts on “The voyage continues…

  1. I don’t think I have a snowballs chance in hell of getting every guitar I own on to the same album, let alone every instrument. it’d take some serious planning!

    Now, how did The Oyster come about? I’d come up with the guitar part during the week but I was a little worried about presenting it to the band because it was fairly rock and we were trying to be different (I say it’s rock, the verse riff is kind of synthpop but on a guitar, but the chorus is pure grunge). I played it anyway and the other two both liked it. Simon went to dig through the lyrics he had while I showed Pete the basic chords and he came up with the bassline. We were in a catch everything and work on it later mood so after a couple of rehearsals/working outs we put a take down in Logic to a click track. My guitar part from that is the one on the final version. Pete started experimenting with the verse bassline in the last verse, and what he came up with really worked for a break in the song, so we re-recorded him with that change fully worked out and edited my guitar around it to make space. Simon’s vocals are the second take, but only because we had no monitoring and lots of live instrument leakage on the first take. After that we just fitted the drums to the song structure (aren’t sequencers great) and added some subtle synth parts.

    So two takes and it’s done


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