Flesh Reunion 7 – Older

I already can’t keep up with Flesh Reunions.  Last Saturday was Flesh Reunion 7, and we have 8 and 9 arranged for the next two weekends.  Plenty to do then…
Following the pattern of one new song from an odd-numbered FR and two from an even one we got one new song.  It’s called older, and Rob (me) slipped up by writing full lyrics before showing it to the band.  He ended up singing it.  Older is a deliberate change of pace from the other FR songs, being slower and more reflective.
This is the magic 10th song, so we’re intending to switch from writing to recording.  This month we’ll carry on writing or tweaking – so we might get 13 songs if we follow the pattern – next month we’ll start laying down tracks.


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