HMD bass

I’ve done the bass line to the new track and sent it to Rob.  Although I have a bad back at the moment and it’s a compressed nerve (good album title that!), I’ve been to the doctors and it’s been confirmed that I will indeed live for the immediate future or at least until my new solo album is done.



5 thoughts on “HMD bass

  1. I’ve got the bass line and pasted the 4/4 bits in to the Reaper project, and it sounds good. Tonight (luck being on my side) I’ll put the 12/8 bits in too.


  2. Oh dear. It’s getting closer to “Oh my god! Why can’t I sing the same as I used to?!” time.
    Glad to have Pete on board. We should meet up when you have a fully working back Pete. I’d love to see what gear you are using these days.
    That IS a good album title, although I like Immediate Future as well.


  3. Intro and Outro bass lines are in the project too now, I did a little EQing of it too. There’s another render done and it sounds good. 🙂


  4. Just listened to what we have so far. Pretty damn good. I’ll pull a render off and stick it on Soundcloud. Are we gonna wait till it’s 100% done before we put it on the HMD souncloud?


    • If it’s the render I did I’ll stick it on my SoundCloud, and the others too. If you, or Pete, do any renders while ‘in progress’ stick them on your own SoundClouds and we’ll put together a making the song page on We’ll save the HowManyDevils SoundCloud for the final version(s). I say versions, there’s far more stuff in the project than the ‘legacy version’ needs – so once the vocals are there we’ve definitely got then and now mixes of Dark Moon.


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