Where is the time?

Well, as happens so often these days, I planned on doing music and ended up doing everything but. I really should put the desk somewhere other than in the living room so I don’t get distracted. But it’s not always things other than the PC that get distracting. EG: I’ve been searching for spectrum analyzers on ebay. I thought that you would be able to pick one up cheaply now. Well, it appears not as cheaply as I would like. Not even sure why I’d want one to be honest. Which started me thinking, is it the same with guitars? I own 2 real (real = stays in tune and doesn’t slip off my leg when playing) guitars. Very different. An SG and a Strat. Different pick ups, different sounds. Now, this should be enough, but I’d quite like a semi acoustic and a bow top Les Paul type thing. Non of these things are really needed as  I can get quite a large number of sounds out of the Line 6 Pod Farm, but it doesn’t stop me thinking that somehow my music would be better if I had them. (Or if I’d not sold all the guitars I had in the past) I’d even push to a electro-acoustic, which is very silly as the sound I can get already is quite convincing. Certainly good enough for how much I drown it our and load it up with reverb anyway. At the moment my software only gives me 8 tracks. Ableton live 8, I will pay for the next level up at some point, promice!) People scoff at 8 tracks. But I remember the days when recording at Petes house bouncing down tracks to fit more in. (the studio was like a mass of wires and gadets. Fond memories) Then remembering we had to have at least 1 spare track at the end for vocals. How did we manage then? Having to play whole songs in one long take rather than playing the part a few time and then using the best one.Tech moves on and people forget what they used to use, which brings us back to spectrum analyzers. I’d love one of those…



One thought on “Where is the time?

  1. eBay is such a distraction! I just bought another guitar, a Wesley Doppler (pictures one day), because it was green and shiny and not a copy of anything else.
    I never used the spectrum analyiser when I had a physical one but I do find software ones very useful. Cool Edit (now Adobe Audition) had a very good spectrum view of the whole file which I used to resort to when things didn’t sound bright enough. Recently I’ve been using the ‘Channel EQ’ effect in Logic, that has an analyser – and it works per channel. There’s a similar one in Reaper but I haven’t made much use of Reaper on the whole yet. I think the Reaper one might be a VST so it will probably appear to Abelton too.


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