More, more, more, guitar

So Simon layed on some extra guitar tracks but was concerned it was too much.  Of course not!  I’ve just put another two guitar tracks down and it’s still not too much.  We’ll have to be careful in the mix, but it all sounds good together.  Simon had a solo down towards the end of the song which I was going to edit my own stuff around – I played over it to give me space to edit my own mistakes out – but now I’ve listened to it there’s a few spots that sound like they were intended twin lead.  I’m thinking maybe we should do a proper twin lead now.

My only regret with the extra, extra guitar parts is that I used the same guitar for both.  I think it would show a good bit of rock n roll extravagance to have so many differeny guitars on the track.  For the first take today I (literally) dusted off my little Korg AX1G and did some wacky wahwah stuff.  The second take is all echoey and tremolo, and the patch I used appears to be called ‘Light My Fart’.

We’ve started doing some intermediary bounce downs too, so we might be able to have the audio story of making the track (on SundCloud or something).


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