More guitar, can the world handle more guitar?

Time: 23:01, Day: Saturday, hang on! 23:01?! Where did time go?!?!?! Thought I’d only been on Reaper for a few minutes! Well, I did a couple of takes of the chorus/main riff/bit in the middle type thing. Not sure if I’ve done a good enough job of it though as it’s all sounding a bit mushy. I think it’s in need of some good old 4 string bass on there to tighten things up and a good old mix down. I added a couple of bits of lead. Well, as much lead as I ever put down. Moved some bits around, messed with levels and panning, trying to give my bits a feeling of more space. The beginning and the end are sounding awesome! It’s like the good old days all over again!

Lyrics. Now, I seems to remember there not being many lyrics at all to the this song. From what I remember there was “Dark Moon rising, Dark moon is rising again, dark moon rising, dark moon is coming again, I see her fall, I see her falling to me, dark moon rising, dark moon rising again.”

Of course, I could be wrong. I wouldn’t mind writing some more over the end, maybe, maybe not. It’s sounding too good to spoil.


One thought on “More guitar, can the world handle more guitar?

  1. I have the opposite, I had beer last night and am now thinking “13:24, where is the day going, I was going to record something but I’m stuck on the sofa”. I listened to the project and there was a mush, but about 5 of my takes had got unmuted so between me and you there were 10 guitars playing together at some points! We’ll get that sorted out at the mix. I still intend to edit us both down to just one guitar part each for the Legacy Version but keep adding stuff for a while ’cause we can do so many other mixes. If we have that many guitar parts I’m considering doing the Axe Battling mix. You’ve probably got all the lyrics there, it was a band room jam song. If you put a vocal track down I’ll do some BV then we’ll see if any more words suggest themselves.


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