D4 Drums

I’ve edited another version of the drum sequence for Dark Moon so that the 12/8 section has fills and dynamics.  It’s been recorded as audio using my Alesis D4 for sounds (the “You process ‘Em” kit, compressed but nothing else done to it).  The intro is sounding quite good now, just needs Pete.  The drums have got what sounds like a china cymbal that I don’t remember putting in though – did something weird happen transferring from Logic to Reaper, or is it the difference between the headphones I’m listening on now and the speakers I was working on?


3 thoughts on “D4 Drums

  1. Glad it’s sounding good. I’m going to try and tackle the next guitar parts on Monday night (as I’m working on Robots For A Tin Air Tomb) tomorrow. :0)


    • I’m fitting this in around squealshuft and Destruction Junkie stuff too. We’d never have managed to juggle so many different things in the old days. I’ve shuffled the more distorted guitar part you did for the intro over to the playout so that the song sounds more complete, but don’t feel we’re commited to that change – if you want to record it again or use the existing part elsewhere we can. It’s better to have more stuff and miss some out than to try filling in gaps with copies.


  2. OK: doing the MIDI work in Logic, importing it back to Reaper, and choosing ‘yes’ to merge tempo map changes appears to have completely messed up the tempo/time-signature changes in Reaper and made all the clips after them start at random places. I’ve put everything back to where it should be now but am annoyed because I could have been creating rather than fixing.


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